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About the Designer...

Graduating from George Washington University, Soraya Thornton began her career in computer software. Her varied experiences travel and creative nature propelled her to explore beyond the technical field. She pursued her passion, jewelry design. Soraya seized the opportunity to bring fresh and natural beauty to the world while giving to those in need. She donates generously to charities with the belief that if each of us do a little, the world will be a better place.

Soraya successfully launched the La Costa Organic Jewelry Collection which combines a genius mix of naturally raw semi-precious stones, Swarovski™ crystals, .925+ sterling silver, leather and other natural fibers. Each unique piece is hand-made and quality controlled by a De Beer’s certified jeweler. The collection is original and new, launched in 2012. Her jewelry achieves a dynamic synergy between natural elements and glamour. The La Costa girl will radiate light, dimension, and colour.